TVL-170 Pop Up TV Lift

      TVL-170 Pop Up TV Lift

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      Our Pop up TV Lifts are suitable for home automation projects where you would like to keep your TV hidden out of sight, either in a cabinet, or wall or behind something. These are very easy to install and include everything you need to attach your TV.

      The FIRGELLI Pop-Up TV lift mechanism can be found in homes, yachts, RV’s, kitchens, patio’s, stages, home theaters, and more all across the globe.

      The desire of our engineering department was to create something that would be quiet enough not to be heard and could fit in the tightest of places for the ease of installation and operation. Due to this meticulous attention to detail, the FIRGELLI Pop-Up TV lift typically takes fifteen minutes to install and will operate at a whisper of 5 decibels above ambient sound levels.  More technically inclined clients of ours enjoy building enclosures and works of art which incorporate the lift to showcase their televisions. Our most loyal clients can be found posting their creations in many online videos as well as on blogs or how-tos.

      At FIRGELLI, we are well aware that not everyone has practiced their skills in carpentry, or electrical engineering. For this very reason, we ensure that our products, especially our lifts, are user-friendly and are as simple in operation/installation as possible. Easy-to-follow instruction manuals are included with all of our lifts and provide all the information that you require from unboxing to installation, and we include all the dimensions required to design custom-fit enclosures.

      FIRGELLI Pop-Up lifts are rear-mounted, with vibration-absorbing legs which sit on the ground to remove reverberation, however, a floor-mounted bracket is also offered and can be used for convenience.

      All of our TV lift apparatus’ comes backed by our 24-month comprehensive warranty.

      Features and Benefits

      • 135 lbs. Total lift capacity 
      • Internal limit switches automatically shut off the unit at the end of the stroke - This protects you and your equipment from possible damage.
      • Mount your PVR/DVD player etc. to the TV mounting bars - Included. Watch this video to see how to attach an electronic box.  
      • Lifts any TV Size from 20 inches to 70 inches or up to 135 lbs. weight - Gives you more flexibility.
      • Input 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5 amps
      • Output 29V, 2.5 amps
      • Travels 25 inches, 30 inches, or 36 inches  - You select the size based on your TV size or however far you want the TV to pop-up into view. 
      • Maintenance-free - Gives you more free time to do more important things
      • CE and RoHS certified - for extra comfort knowing they are certified for safe use.   
      • No exposed chains tracks gears or Scissors - Watch the product video you cannot even see the mechanism when installed. 
      • Extra quiet, uses a worm gear drive system commonly known as the quieting system in the Industry - Runs at only 5-dB above Ambient
      • Comes with IR and RF as well as a wired remote - No excuse for losing a remote now. 
      • No Professional Installation required - No need to hire an expert, if you're capable of installing a TV Wall bracket then you are qualified to install these TV Lifts.

      These Pop-Up lifts are very popular in Luxury homes, yachts, RV’s, modern kitchens, patio’s, stages, home theaters, and even used for Trade-shows to draw extra attention to customers' products or services.

      Model Retracted Length Stroke Max Load Speed Recommended TV Size
      FA-TVL-170-24-36 31.30" 35.98" 135 lbs. 20mm/s 50" - 70"
      FA-TVL-170-24-30 26.97" 30.71" 135 lbs. 20mm/s 40" - 55"
      FA-TVL-170-24-25 23.13" 25.60" 135 lbs. 20mm/s 32" - 43"
      Technical Drawings

      FA-TVL-170-24-25 Tech Drawing

      FA-TVL-170-24-30 Tech Drawing

      FA-TVL-170-24-36 Tech Drawing

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      TVL-170 Review

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