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Why Firgelli TV Lifts

As a global leader and one of the original linear actuator manufacturers, we understand that to prosper a business must seek to establish a unique presence in the marketplace. Firgelli Automations accomplishes this by building constructive and abiding relationships with end-users and businesses alike, working together as a team to accomplish impressive feats by converting electrical current into precise linear motion. Firgelli is a dependable source for trusted names such as NASA, SpaceX, General Motors, Tesla Motors, General Atomics, and more. The applications of our products extend from TV lifts and automated furniture, to armored vehicles, all the way to advanced air-brake spoilers for supercars.
Firgelli was built around the concept of ‘the internet of things’, and that the barriers which faced the procurement of goods have been torn down leaving a simple way for our global partners to see what products are available, order, and have their order fulfilled the same day. No matter your application, we have an automated solution for you.


What We Aim For

Since its inception in 2004, Firgelli Automations as developed a wide range of products to match an ever-changing landscape of applications, all to offer you the best possible return on investment. We seek to provide high quality commodities which serve you best, backed by first-rate customer service. We stock our products in a secure facility, and offer same day shipping on orders placed prior to our shipping cut-off. Let Firgelli Automations ‘Put Your Dreams in Motion‘.

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First Class Service Friendly and Helpful Staff Quick and Simple Solutions
Top Grade Quality Tested and Proven Products A Reliable Care-Free Experience
A Business First Approach Support with Special Applications A Higher Return on Investment

Firgelli TV Lifts

Sometimes having a big screen isn't enough. If you are anything like the thousands of people who have decided to take their entertainment to a new level (pun intended) you may be interested in attaching your television screen to a FIRGELLI Automation's TV lift. We carry lift systems to drop your screen down from your ceiling, as well as push up through your floor, cabinet, or other structure. Easy to install and shipped with all the equipment you will need to install your TV as well as run the unit: from universal mounting brackets, control boxes, remote controls, sensors, to power adapters - we have you covered.

Need Help Finding the right TV Lift?

We precision engineer and manufacture our products so you get direct manufacturers pricing. We offer same day shipping and knowledgeable customer support.