DIY Drop Down TV Lift Mechanism Kit

      DIY Drop Down TV Lift Mechanism Kit

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      DIY TV Lift Mechanism Description

      We have created this DIY TV Lift Mechanism Kit that enables you to make your own DIY Drop Down TV Lift. Watch the video to see how that was made and the steps taken. To order the correct size kit simply measure the height of the TV or object you want to drop down plus any extra room you wish to add.

      Kit includes

      1. Firgelli Deluxe Linear Actuator, the stroke will match whatever option you select here. Typically you match the stroke of the actuator to how far you want to move your TV or other objects.
      2. Pair of Linear Drawer Slides. These will come in a longer stroke than you need to make it easy for installation. 
      3. MB3U Bracket. This is to fit at the top of the cabinet to guide the pulley cable correctly
      4. MB3 Bracket. This bracket is to attach the Linear Actuator to the top of the cabinet or in the ceiling or wherever else you are installing it
      5. Power Supply. This is a plug-in the wall power supply and gives you 12vdc output which is what the actuator and the remote control requires
      6. 2-Channel Remote Control. This provides you with the RF wireless remote to your drop-down TV Lift mechanism.
      7. Pulley kit. This coated cable can take a lot of weight and is more than tough enough to carry the largest of TVs. It includes 2 cable clamps to clamp the cable as shown in the video and even a pulley in case you need to angle the cable in a different direction.
      8. Cable Drag Chain. This drag chain is used to enclose all your cables to the TV like the HDMI, Power cable, etc. They are 1 meter long (40") and are ideal for keeping your wires from being pinched.

      *For larger sizes, you will need to install a total of 4 drawer slides due to weight

      Note: 1-week processing


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