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TV Lift Manual

The following is information which can be found in the instruction manual of your new Firgelli Automations hidden TV lift system. Here you will find dimensions, installation pointers, and quick facts. Click here to download the full installation manual.




  • The TV Lift system is designed specifically for easy installation into cabinetry, AV rooms, meeting rooms, or virtually any application where a hidden TV would be appropriate or automated lifting is required.
  • The body of the TV Lift system is a telescoping-column type actuator made of inter-fitting solid steel tubes, run by a 24v DC gear motor.
  • Firgelli Automations offers 3 different lift sizes to choose from so you can be sure your lift system is compatible with your TV. All three models share a maximum load of 160 lbs (55 kg), which is typically more than enough to lift 20-65 inch TV’s.
  • The installation and set up of the system was engineered to be as quick and simple as possible. Only four screws are required to attach the lifting column to a cabinet, wall panel or floor mounting bracket. The electrical connection between all the main parts such as the lifting column, control box, switch box, and IR  (infrared ) receiver are on a plug ‘n’ play system for quick connecting.
  • Each TV Lift system comes equipped with an IR remote control, and a wired switch box. If the IR system fails due to low battery the the switch acts as a backup to maintain normal operation.
  • The control box, with a built in microprocessor, provides the basic operational functions such as up/down/store/recall. A self-protection feature continuously monitors the electrical current consumption of the motor, and will abort the operation immediately if an abnormal rise in the electrical current is detected.
  • The aforementioned control box is CE and UL certified, which guarantees the compliance of all the necessary safety requirements.
  • Accessories used to attach a TV to the lifting column are universal, meaning that installation of various TV’s should be straightforward and easy.
  • The height of the TV in relation to the lifting column can be adjusted by attaching the TV and mounting brackets to a different hole on the bracket.

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