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Firgelli TV lifts expand faster than any other TV lifts. We understand the importance of your precious time so at Frigelli TV lifts we make the best lifts for you which will reduce the time required for your TV to rise to the full height. These TV lifts considerably lessens the time so that you can watch your favourite movie faster.


Firgelli TV lifts provide high safety standards. Over control box guarantees the fulfilment of all the safety requirements that will protect your families and Pets. You don’t have to worry about anything related to its operations. Firgellis TV lifts gives a tidy look to your home. These TV lifts are enclosed.

Fail Proof

Firgellis TV lift systems are equipped with infrared remote control and a switch box. If the infrared system fails then the switch box provides back up for normal operations. You don’t have to worry about your expensive TV sets; they won’t be left hanging or stuck half way in the cabinet. Frigelli TV lifts are slim and provides more room for storage.

Converting a regular cabinet into a POP UP TV LIFT cabinet

By Firgelli Auto

This is how you install a TV LIFT mechanism into an existing cabinet. First you need to diss-assemble the cabinet. Basically your going to keep the existing drawers but cut the back off and make them shorter. The back 6-9″ of the cabinet are gong to be used for the TV and Lift mechanism. 1st from the box assemble the tv lift using the instruction in the box, these lifts are the simplest tv lift mechanisms money can buy so far and the prices are really good.

now add the base of the cabinet and the back wall, the TV lift will screw onto the back wall in 4 places, make sure the back wall is good solid thick wood, we suggest at least 1/2″

Now add the sides of the cabinet and the TV. NOTE adjust the position of the TV on the LIFT mechanism using the different screw holes on the TV LIFT bracket. You need to position the TV so that ideally the top of the TV sits just below the roller on the top of the TV Mechanism. This is so that when the TV is lifting its the Rollers that push the Lid open and not the TV.

Now you need to make the drawers shorter which is simple enough but allow at least 1″ between the tv face and the back of the drawer to be safe.

Add the top of the cabinet back on and mark on the inside of the top where you need to cut out a section for the TV to pop in and out of. Ideally you will have the TV installed onto the lift at this stage so that there are no mistakes on cutting out the Lid. If using a fine blade you can keep the part you cut out to use as the lid the flips open and close as the TV goes up and down. Otherwise just make a new lid for the part you cut out. But allow at least 1″ around the edges so the TV clears the top when its raises up and down.

Now add the lid, this can be the piece you already cut out or a new piece if you want it to fit tightly, hinge it at the back using a piano hinge or something similar. Note that the rollers on the top of the TV LIFT mechanism are what will lift the lid up and down as the tv raises up and down, the rollers are positioned so that when the tv is raised the lid is at about 88degs which allows gravity to close the lid when the tv drops.

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For Home Automation these Pop Up Plasma TV Lift mechanisms are the ideal low cost solution for lifting your PlasmaPlasma TV Lift out of a cabinet.

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